COBRA Services

Innovative Health Services provides an efficient and effective solution to the complexities of COBRA administration. Our benefits professionals, equipped with the most up-to-date information about COBRA regulations and best practices, will save employers and their human resources staff valuable time and money. Leave the worry to us!

Our COBRA services are comprehensive. We will:

  • Provide the Initial Notice of COBRA Rights as required by law
  • Mail notices of Qualifying Events and Election Forms to beneficiaries
  • Process Elections
  • Collect COBRA premiums monthly
  • Generate grace letters for late payments
  • Remit premiums to employer or insurer monthly
  • Supply monthly reports of new elections, premium collection and terminations
  • Interpret and apply laws and regulations to individual participant situations
  • Prepare HIPAA certificates as COBRA coverage ends
  • Communicate with COBRA beneficiaries through a toll-free customer service line, e-mail, and Internet access
  • Maintain all documents and records of transactions for proof of compliance

Contact us to learn more, and request a fee schedule. Our fees are very competitive, and our service excels!