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About Us

Since 1999, Innovative Health Services has been helping employers to design benefit programs that meet the needs of their employees, their benefits budget and their personal philosophy as plan sponsor. We believe the true measure of a sound benefits program is in the employees’ understanding and appreciation of the value of non-salary benefits. At the core of our customer service philosophy is respect for our customers. We understand the sensitive and personal nature of our interactions with employees and their family members and our goal is to make every interaction with Innovative Health pleasant, informative and helpful.

Whether it is a Section 125 plan to help employees (and the employer) enjoy pre-tax benefits, COBRA administration, or a Health Reimbursement Arrangement to fill coverage gaps, IHS makes it easy! An employer doesn’t need an army of HR folks or a ton of forms – Innovative Health Services is in the business of making employee benefits truly a benefit -not a burden- for employers and their employees.

We provide the legal documentation and tools to ensure that an employer’s plan is compliant with all applicable regulations. We assist with developing employee communication material tailored to the employer’s workforce. We perform the back office functions to support employee benefit plans, including expert claims adjudication, accurate and useful reporting on cost and utilization, and highly personalized customer service.